Strategic Marketing Plan

Strategic Marketing Plan

In order to increase the performance of your company, organization or territory

A good marketing plan will allow you to anticipate what is coming your way and propel your business more efficiently than your competitors. In a constantly evolving market, you will take control of your own daily decisions in order to transform your marketing expenses in profitable investments. You will reach your goals by touching the right customers, at the right place, at the right price and sending the right message at the right time.

Our strategic planning approach is deployed in three steps:

Step 1 : The starting point – Strategic Diagnosis

The starting point is dedicated to a rigorous analysis of your performance. In addition to the analysis of conventional indicators, we will adopt the concept of the customer experience journey in order to analyze and optimize your product and services portfolio. We will also proceed by doing an in-depth analysis of the market in order to identify your current and future customers and bring out the tendencies and opportunities to seize in your line of business. The market analysis is completed by an in-depth analysis of your competition in order to differentiate your organization and ultimately reach your customers better than your competitors.

Step 2 : The destination – Strategic vision and growth strategies

Building on the strategic and performance reviews and the information given by the market analysis, we will elaborate with you a strategic approach based on: the competitive advantages, the positioning (brand image), the measurable objectives (market, customers, products and services, approach to be prioritized) and the proper messages. We will also guide you throughout your decision-making process leading to the identification of growth strategies that will lead your organization towards the achievement of its objectives.

Step 3 : How to get there ? – Action plan

Often considered as being the starting point, the tactics and means of communication serve as a medium to reach its destination and achieve the objectives of the organization. This selection process based on the objectives and strategies facilitates the choice of distribution channels and appropriate media. Even if the digital marketing is omnipresent in current communications, the traditional media’s still occupy a considerable place. This process will allow us to make better investment decisions considering our budget limits and the endless marketing offers nowadays. Our intervention can be done in a form of coaching, strategic advice alongside your leaders or through a “turnkey strategic approach.”